Project Health Plus
For a Better Future

The initiative, developed in December 2012, comprised the screening of infectious diseases and drug administration in the town of Lândana, province of Cabinda, Angola.

The action of health prevention and medical assistance was aimed at a group of 1,300 children between the ages of 5 and 12.

Lândana is a place with particular symbolic meaning to the Mota-Engil Group since it was there that Mota & Company, under the direction of its founder Manuel António da Mota, began its business activity resulting in the Mota-Engil Group of today.

The “Health Plus – For a better future” initiative included screening for contagious infectious illnesses, the referral of detected cases to a qualified hospital unit and the delivery or  administration of urgent medication as needed. An oral hygiene education session was held and dental hygiene kits were distributed to the children.

This initiative is part of the protocol signed between Mota-Engil Angola, S.A., Manuel  António da Mota Foundation and the Embassy of the Federation of Independent Priories of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem – Knights of Malta.

The protocol, funded by Mota-Engil Angola, S.A. and Manuel António da Mota Foundation, aims to provide free medical care to the neediest population groups in the various provinces of Angola, a task that is the responsibility of the Embassy of the Federation through its health workers, who provide voluntary services to help carry out of these measures.

Mota-Engil employees also participated as volunteers in the carrying out of this initiative, contributing with their dedication and effort so it would become a significant success.

Mota-Engil Angola, S.A. and the Manuel António da Mota Foundation, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Federation, in the first of many actions, seek to express their solidarity and responsibility for Angolan children, in particular those coming from less fortunate environments, in an area as vital as health prevention and care.